Meghan Llamas – Mustangs Ahead  

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Clubs have officially been restarted at the Ranch for the 2020-2021 school year. All clubs and activities will decide between virtual meeting and in person meetings on campus. 

In order to meet on campus, clubs must contact administrator Thomas Bellantonio, who oversees all LRHS clubs. 

“Clubs and activities will be able to meet on the campus after school but will have to work with Bellantonio about scheduling and conducting a meeting.  Please let him know about your intentions on holding an in-person meeting before having it,” said principle Dustin Dahlquist. 

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All clubs planning for virtual meetings must use the programs ‘Microsoft Teams’ or ‘Schoology Conferences’ and may not use any other platforms such as ‘Zoom’. 

As far as new clubs joining the Ranch, Bellantonio said the process has stayed the same. 

“If anyone has an interest in starting a new club, he or she may complete the proper form. In addition, an LRHS faculty member must agree to sponsor the club and supervise during any meeting event. New club formation will be open until the end of the first quarter,” said Bellantonio.