Mustang tickets, insurance now sold online


Zach Fenimore – Mustangs Ahead

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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – With sports on the verge of starting back up, there are some major changes that Mustangs, fans, and parents need to know.

One of the biggest changes being the purchasing of online tickets through GoFan.

Tickets will no longer be sold in person and must be purchased online.

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LRHS athletic director Kent Ringquist stated, “On our website there will be a link where Mustangs can purchase tickets, we will also provide QR codes at the location of the sporting event that will send them to GoFan where they can buy their ticket.”

When purchasing tickets, customers must either print them off and bring them to the game or have the ticket digitally on a smartphone.

Due to COVID-19, the fan section will be limited. This applies to Mustangs, parents, and any visiting fans.

Another substantial change LRHS has made with their sports is the insurance forms for student-athletes. Mustangs can either fill out and pay for their insurance in-person or can now fill out the form and pay online.