Social awareness may depend on social media

Emily Fulda-Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)-All social media platforms are different, each use different mediums, each targeted towards different audiences. But they all have one thing in common, they connect people with one another.

For instance, Facebook is a social media website with an audience of mostly adults. Adults may look on Facebook for weather updates, news updates, or updates about old or current friends.

Many teens on the other hand, find themselves on social media platforms such as Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram where they receive information on world issues and updates on their friends lives.

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Instagram is used for publishing photos, following celebrities, and more. On twitter you can find news, weather, political info, celebrity hourly updates, and more. Snapchat is most used for communication with people via pictures or messages.

At any high school, students tend to be biased towards the popular opinion. Senior Alexis Rawlings said, “My opinions about global issues tend to be biased from whatever social media platform I found information about them on. I also believe what one platform says more than another as I find them more credible.”

Sophomore Katie Foley said, “Snapchat is how I stay updated on the news, local and national.”

Teenagers can be easily influenced, and it is important they put thought into the things they see and hear on social media.

“Media literacy is a key skill for anyone in the 21st century,” said LRHS journalism teacher Tom Honsa.  “We are all inundated with thousands of messages every day and effective media consumers can discern the useful materials from the manipulative garbage.”