Solid plan can lead to online success


Emma Conerly– Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Online learning, or eLearning, is new territory for many Mustangs. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks Mustangs have developed to stay on top of their schoolwork.

Keeping a planner with every assignment and when they are due will help Mustangs remain organized, help with their time management, and maintain good grades.

Additionally, having a consistent place to study and do homework helps put Mustangs in the right headspace to get work done.

Doing work at a desk or table that is dedicated to just schoolwork can improve productivity immensely.

Furthermore, consistent participation in classes is important for eLearning.

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Consistent participation ensures that Mustangs are getting the most out of their classes, putting in full effort, and understanding their coursework.

Lastly, keeping communication with teachers is essential to online learning.

Language arts teacher Kristin Wikstrom’s stated, “One of the most frequent things I see Mustangs doing is not actually looking in their weekly folders. A lot of the questions they have can be answered in there.”

In addition, by consistently checking Schoology and reaching out to teachers, Mustangs can better replicate the benefits of an in-person learning experience.

Wikstrom continued, “Also, when you’re at home, try your best to stick to the schedule your teachers created for the week. Don’t work ahead and get overwhelmed, but don’t save work until the last minute, either”