Masks the latest LRHS fashion trend

Olivia Ellis – Mustangs Ahead

LRHS English teacher Tracy Gregory sports her Harry Potter mask

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Now that masks are required for everyone at LRHS, many see them as a way to showcase their personalities.

Tie-dye, camouflage and flowers are just a few of the different designs Mustangs are wearing.

Colorful medical and non-medical masks have also made an appearance. Colors such as white, blue, black, green, and purple seem to be the most popular.

Favorite TV characters like Minnie and Mickey have made their appearances as well.

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Of course, the grey and green Lakewood Ranch High School masks that were given out are being worn by staff and Mustangs.

Others have seen this as a perfect time to show support for their favorite teams’ by wearing their logos on their mask. Florida State, University of Florida, Tampa Bay Rays, and so much more have been spotted.

Language arts teacher Tracy Gregory is showing off her personality by wearing her favorite masks, all of which sport a Harry Potter theme.

“I love wearing my Harry Potter masks to school I feel as though they brighten my day and puts a smile on mine and other fans’ faces as well. My favorite though must be my one with the Daily Prophet design,” said Gregory.

Wearing a face mask not only helps keep you and others safe but are a new way to get creative, show your personality, and helps make new friends.