Pandemic meant a very different summer in 2020

Olivia Ellis- Mustangs Ahead

Empty beaches have been a common sight lately throughout Florida.

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The summer of 2020 had a special visitor, Covid-19. There was the good and the bad, and the ugly.

Covid-19 imposed on everyone’s plans starting with graduation. The class of 2020 not only had no prom, but no traditional graduation. On the bright side, their graduation ceremony was rescheduled for two months later.  Family vacations on the other hand were not.

Families prepare and plan vacations sometimes for months, but all vacations were cancelled for various reasons due to COID-19. Many locations closed to minimize the guests’ exposure to COVID 19 and ensure the health of their staff.  

LRHS English teacher Kristin Wikstrom had planned to travel to Hattiesburg, Mississippi to attend a wedding; however, her and her family made the “difficult decision,” to not attend.

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“We did not feel comfortable traveling across several states during a pandemic. The spike of the coronavirus was our main reason for not taking our summer trip. That alone was a determining factor for us,” said Wikstrom.

Meanwhile some vacation money was spent on products such as masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant, as well as hiring extra help for extra cleaning.

 Some vacation spots were not closed directly because of COVID-19 but closed due to the reduced number of customers and employees. As customers chose to stay away from places such as stores and restaurants, so did the staff at these places. Employees either quit or got laid off.

Labor economist at ZipRecruiter Julia Pollack told the Washington Post, “We will definitely see an effect on jobs from the coronavirus, and it could be pretty large in leisure and hospitality.”