Reva Gandhi – Mustangs Ahead

LRHS Spanish teacher Ana Plechy cleans a classroom surface.

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- As the school starts back up, teachers are adjusting to instructing Mustangs on multiple platforms. 

Weeks prior to the end of summer, teachers came up with plans to maximize the efficiency of their classes, while minimizing physical contact that could be dangerous to both their students and themselves. 

LRHS Spanish teacher Ana Plechy stated, “All of the foreign language teachers are working together in groups of their student’s levels and sharing their curriculums with one another.” 

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Others are using new teaching techniques and collecting assignments to best work for them. 

Math teacher Meghan Sugalski said, “For me personally everything is going online, my notes, homework, etc. However, all hybrid and traditional students will be handing homework papers into me. This way is the most efficient for me and works the best.” 

In addition to balancing teaching their on-line and in-person classes, teachers are also learning how to work with Schoology, LRHS’s adopted learning platform, and deal with technological issues that comes with it. 

Sugalski stated, “If you had asked me this question last week; I would have said I am not adjusting well at all. Today though, Schoology is working well, and the students are doing what they’re supposed to, so I feel more confident”.