Marissa Briggs-Mustangs Ahead 

Mustangs start a new school year.

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Mustangs spent the first day of their 2020-21 school year at the Ranch adjusting to the new safety precautions and regulations that have been put in place. 

One of the most important new regulations is the requirement of masks. One-way hallways and new hygiene procedures are also part of the new normal as LRHS joins the effort to protect students from the coronavirus. 

Sophomore Chad Anderson said, “I am slowly adjusting to the new procedures and regulations such as the hallways. While there are some changes, it feels good to be at school again.”  

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LRHS staff has been working to promote changes such as masks since schools closed in March, but many are still adapting to these changes.  

Assistant principal Valencia Lowen stated, “It’s a little confusing in the beginning but we are all trying to work and figure it out together.” 

While the new changes bring about new difficulties, the staff is excited to see the Mustangs again.  

“It felt good to see the courtyard full of Mustangs again and I realized how much we missed the Mustangs. Everything is starting to feel somewhat normal again,” Lowen stated.  

All new rules and regulations pertaining to Covid-19 and Mustang and staff safety are posted on the LRHS website.