Register to Ride


SDMCSchoolBus_side1 - 400In order to control bus capacities and keep our students safe, all students MUST register, and be assigned to a bus, PRIOR to riding. Each student in your family should be individually registered online by June 30.

Unregistered students waiting at a bus stop without a parent/guardian present, will be transported to school and turned over to an administrator. Unregistered students will not be transported home after school. Transportation home for unregistered students will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

  • Please complete a separate Register to Ride request for EACH student that will be riding a bus.
  • Eligible students will be assigned only ONE bus stop, determined by the address of the enrolling parent/guardian.
  • Students that are NOT riding a bus to school should NOT Register to Ride.
  • Students enrolled with Hardship are not eligible to ride a school bus, and should NOT Register to Ride.
  • Students living less than two miles from their school are not eligible to ride a school bus (unless the area has been determined to be hazardous based on Florida Statute 1006.23), and should NOT Register to Ride.

Click here to Register to Ride a school bus. →

When bus assignments are completed in early August, they will be posted in FOCUS under the Transportation tab. If you do not have a FOCUS account, please click here.

Please note:
For students enrolled in specialized programs, transportation information including IEP or 504 (if applicable) must be received from the enrolled school prior to bus assignment.

If you have questions, please contact the Transportation department at (941) 782-1BUS.


Para controlar las capacidades del autobús escolar y mantener seguros a nuestros estudiantes, TODOS LOS ESTUDIANTES DEBEN REGISTRARSE y ser asignados a un autobús escolar, ANTES DE VIAJAR EN UN AUTOBÚS ESCOLAR para el año escolar 2020-2021. Cada estudiante de su familia debe registrarse individualmente en línea antes del 30 de junio.