Pandemic creates new interest in science

William Flood – Mustangs Ahead

Final Corona Virus Image SDMC(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – As COVID-19 became widespread so does the scientific effort to try to contain and treat it.

As a result, there has been a new focus on science in the news and social media, causing more people to be aware of the influence science has on our everyday lives.

Many Mustangs have now had exposure to scientific fields like epidemiology, virology and immunology and have even begun to consider them as future career choices.

Junior David Dinh said, “COVID-19 has definitely improved my appreciation for science and the scientific community, as pandemics are one of the only matters that can be single-handedly solved by science.”

Dinh continued, “As the cure gets closer and closer to being completed, my appreciation of science will only grow.”

Some students have noticed a wider impact the focus on science related fields have had.

Junior Melissa Silva said, “The pandemic has caused people to become more interested in science and have more respect for the scientific field. I myself have noticed that I have begun to look forward to my science class more and even now consider things in a more scientific view.”

There has also been an emphasis on frontline workers which Mustangs have also noticed.

Junior Mathew Sidlo said, “I really appreciate the people who are working through this pandemic and the work they are doing as it is super important for modern living, especially during these tough times.”

Overall, science has been thrust into a spotlight it rightly deserves as new treatments and eventually a vaccine is developed. Hopefully this has inspired more Mustangs to investigate medical and scientific career paths.

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