Testing one of eLearning’s big challenges

John Osborne – Mustangs Ahead

2019-01-15-10-15-50-1200x800 (400x267)(LAKEWOOD RANCH, Fl) – As a result of eLearning many LRHS students and teachers experienced new and different ways of getting schoolwork done.

One of the major differences both Mustangs and teachers experienced is test-taking.

From a teacher view it is hard to create a test when they do not know if their students have a good grasp on the material nor do they know how to prevent cheating.

Without teachers being able to see the students as they take the test, there is no real way to make sure that the students won’t cheat off each other.

Math teacher Steven Shamblen, said “I’m trusting that my students will not take the easy way out, but actually do the work themselves and gain knowledge on the subject.”

Another side effect of on-line test taking is that if Mustangs have any problems or questions about the test, they are unable to ask (or are forced to wait for a delayed response) as they do not have direct access to their teachers.

Sophomore Raegan Gross said, “It’s hard because if I had a problem before while taking a test, I could just raise my hand and ask. Now if I have a problem, I have to email my teacher and they might not respond while I’m still taking the test.”

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