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November orchestra concert
LRHS orchestra students shared music lessons despite the COVID-19 shutdown.

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- The LRHS Orchestra program found creative, online ways to keep students involved in music while at home throughout this uncertain time.

Unfortunately, the program’s annual springtime events, including State Music Performance Assessments (MPAs), Fine Arts Night, and their Finale Concert were cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

“This semester we’re going to obviously have to change gears a bit as rehearsing music isn’t going to work too well online but there is still lots we can do,” said orchestra teacher Daniel Shafer in an announcement to orchestra students online.

Due to this, online learning for orchestra students has shifted from instrumental performance to discussion-based musical analysis.

“So instead we’re going to focus on a few different things: music history, listening, community, creating,” Shafer continued.

These themes werer incorporated into online learning through weekly discussion boards where students share their research of orchestral music throughout history. They also get to share music they’ve been involved with outside of the classroom in order to connect with their peers.

“Shared music discussions are meant to foster community within our ensemble though we’re separated digitally for the time. This is an opportunity to learn and grow both musically and with your peer community,” explained Shafer.

The LRHS Orchestra program has encouraged students of all grade levels to stay active within a new learning environment through online music education in order to bring positivity through this difficult time.

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