Lucas Scott – Mustangs Ahead

NEWS(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)– Despite issues caused by the LRHS’s shutdown, Lakewood Leaders is still laying the groundwork for next year’s club.

Sponsor Meghan Sugalski has stated that the club is no longer operating through the shutdown and that all of the club’s events were canceled due to safety precautions.

Regardless, juniors Jessica Thompson and Hannah Miller have been appointed next year’s president and vice president. The remaining officer positions will be filled in fall and decided by Thompson, Miller, and Sugalski.

Advertising for the club will be limited to Freshman orientation and word of mouth. Luckily, Thompon’s and Miller’s only foreseeable responsibility in the summer will be choosing Lakewood Leader’s next T-shirt design.

Despite the shutdown and challenges, Sugalski stated that “Lakewood Leaders will still be your number one source for hours in the coming school year.”

For more information regarding Lakewood Leaders contact Sugalski at

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