“Safe at home” means work at home for many Mustangs

Hiral Patel-Mustangs Ahead

Final Corona Virus Image SDMC(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- The ongoing COVID-19 quarantine has left LRHS students surrounded by family all day. This can mean added responsibilities in addition to new remote learning routines.

Some Mustangs have younger siblings to babysit and must be teachers to their younger siblings, teaching them new lessons and helping with other schoolwork.

“I am now responsible to teach my sister algebra and help her understand her lessons in civics.” said sophomore Reva Gandhi.

“I have been helping to give my sister in fourth grade help with school, assignments to do, and keeping her on task. I have also had to help my sister who is a freshman,” said sophomore Izabella Hall.

Other students are taking up more responsibilities throughout their house helping their parents do chores and take care of their pets.

“I am helping my parents with cooking dinner and helping out around the house,” said freshman Oliva Ellis.

Sophomore Colby Brooks said, “I have been taking more responsibility for my pet than before.”

Some students also have parents who are still working through this pandemic.

“Not much has changed in my house, my mom is considered an essential worker, so she goes to work two- three times a week,” said sophomore Carson Manning.

Sophomore Phoebe Duval said, “My mom works from home and my dad has an essential job, so not much has changed in that respect.”

Remote learning has its ups and downs but LRHS students are working through it hoping to end the year on a good note.

“My sister and I have been focusing on schoolwork a lot,” said sophomore Isabella Heupel.

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