Business closures personal for some Mustangs

Peter Fisichella- Mustangs Ahead 

Empty restaurant - 400
Empty tables are an unfortunate sight for Mustang parent restaurant owners.

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Small businesses around the world are feeling the effects of the corona virus as social distancing and stay at home orders cause businesses to be closed or very limited.  Some of those businesses hit close to home at LRHS. 

Umbrellas 1296 in Sarasota is just one example of many small businesses that were forced to close, and the future is not clear for when restaurants will begin to fully reopen.  

Owners Liz Fisichella and Paul James (full disclosure- the author’s parents) enjoyed the break for a little while but would like to come back soon.  

It was fun to able to spend more time with my family and cook in my own kitchen, but having a restaurant is like having a second family, I miss them too and we all need to get back to work,” said Fisichella. 

It was a very unfortunate time for all businesses in the Sarasota area to close because the seasonal rush was still in full swing.  

“There were daily opera performances and always lots of tourists making their way around town. As a new restaurant, this was our first time experiencing a full season in Sarasota, and it was sad to have it end so early,” said James. 

Being so close to Sarasota Memorial Hospital, many hospital and healthcare workers would use local restaurants as a place to unwind and relax. 

“I feel heartbroken for the people who are dealing with the pandemic on the front lines every day. I wish I could offer them a place to have a break and be able to discuss what they’re going through. I look forward to the day I can see them and thank them for all they have done,” said Fisichella. 

Local businesses around the country are all in wait of being able to reopen, but all they can do for now is wait.  

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