English teachers adjusting to eLearning challenges

Erica Kennedy-Mustangs Ahead

2019-01-15-10-15-50-1200x800 (400x267)(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – With the new online class adjustment, teachers have found different ways to connect with Mustangs and teach virtually. 

Switching to online teaching for all courses does not come easily, teachers work very hard to transfer their material into an online setting.

Some teachers prefer to use Schoology as they are familiar with the platform and how it works.

English teacher Jacob Garfield thinks switching English classes to online learning is unfortunate.

“I try to look at the bright side of this situation,” said Garfield. “This pandemic has given all teachers and students a unique opportunity to come together in a way not done before. It has been challenging, but everyone at LRHS has been working as a team to get through it.”

English teacher Sejal Desai said she and her students are adjusting to eLearning’s special challenges. “I’m noticing there is lack of accessibility,” she said, “and not being able to be as hands on.”

Mustangs and their teachers are working tirelessly to make sure that education continues during this global pandemic.

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