Quarantine can be a time to develop new hobbies


William Flood – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) -In this time of “Social Distancing” there is more free time to spend at home, so now is a great time to try out new hobbies.  

There are many easy to pick up hobbies out there to choose from; examples including cross stitching, cooking, longboarding and more.

CrossStich (297x400)
Cross stitching is one hobby Mustangs are developing during the shutdown.

Cross stitching is a type of embroidery that is easy to pick up and learn most people have the supplies necessary such as yarn and a needle, but kits with all materials needed can also be purchased online.

Junior Meghan Llamas said, “I’ve recently picked up cross stitching, it’s been really fun and relaxing. It helps keep my mind at ease and my hands busy during this time of quarantine.”

Another hobby many have been practicing is longboarding, which is a great way to get exercise during quarantine.

Longboards can be purchased online from many manufactures and can bought for anywhere between $30 and $100.

Junior Nicholas Nash said, “During the quarantine I’ve been riding my longboard around my neighborhood and it’s been a great way to get outside.”

Now is also a great time to pick up on some life skills like cooking there are many great resources to learn simple recipes that only require the ingredients most have in their pantry.

For example, YouTube channels such as “Binging with Babish”  offer many ideas for many forms of cooking and baking to try out.

Of course, with the extra time there are many ways of using it.

Junior Nicholas Emposimato said, “Right now I’m using my time to be working out, studying Greek mythology, playing video games, and catching up with some friends.”

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