Shutdown not stopping cheerleading practice

lrhs cheerleaders
The 2020-21 LRHS cheerleaders practice to build on this year’s team’s success.

Charlize Ucciferri – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Ever since the traditional school year has been put on hold, the LRHS cheerleading program has found a way to use social media to continue to practice on a weekly basis.

Every week, both the junior varsity and varsity teams are required to run at least one mile per week. The girls are encouraged to run or bike more throughout.

LRHS cheer coach and teacher’s aide Sherri Haber said, “I have the teams run at least a mile per week to keep their endurance up for the upcoming winter competition season.”

When the members of the team go out for their runs, each of them uses a fitness app to track their miles, run times, and paces to see if they are improving each time they run.

On top of this, the program uses social media sites and apps to video call for practice just as they would every Tuesday and Thursday in the LRHS cafeteria.

LRHS varsity cheer captain junior Madison Kahler said, “During these practices, we condition our bodies to become stronger and better athletes, and practice cheers and band dances that we would perform at football games.”

Varsity cheerleader sophomore Alyssa Ucciferri said, “On the video calls, we practice in small groups to make sure that everyone is doing what they are supposed to do and to help those who need it.”

The entire program is adapting to the new lifestyle that COVID-19 has brought, and they plan to continue to use social medias to keep the team improving through this tough time.

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