Ranch reflections – Quarantined in the Corn 

Ranch Reflections are articles written by students who want to share their experiences, thoughts, and concerns. This is a great opportunity for students to branch out beyond traditional news stories.  This edition features a special contribution from an LRHS Mustang who was out of state when shelter in place orders went into effect.

Izabella Hall -Mustangs Ahead

reflection icon(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- When people picture the Midwest, they don’t normally think of much else other than the corn fields, but when I think of it, I picture home.  

While I typically live and go to school in Lakewood Ranch I am now quarantined in Nebraska with my mom and sisters. Being back here has made me realize I missed living here, but it also made me realize what I missed back in Florida.

When I had lived in the Midwest, I took for granted the incredibly genuine people. It was normal to hold the door for someone, help an elderly woman, and wave as you pass a complete stranger on Cottonwood Road. It’s these little acts from people with big hearts that make me feel at home, but also realize how not many people do that in Florida.

It wasn’t just the small acts of kindness that I had missed, but also the food. When I flew up to be quarantined with my mom the first thing I want was Cane, a fast food place somewhat like PDQ but only a million times better. Nothing in Florida can compare with Cane’s, it’s the best and there’s nothing else quite like it.

Another Midwest staple I missed while living in Florida was “Scooters”. Scooters is a quaint coffee shop my family and I love to go to.

I have been jealous, though, seeing people in Florida who are enjoying relaxing by their pools. Since it is still cold up here, I can only stare at the pool in the backyard. It has snowed once already since I have been up here, and it is supposed to snow this weekend for Easter.

One thing I have noticed when I have gone through the Scooter’s drive thru for a coffee, is how kind people up here are, and it makes life  better. The cashier always asks how I am doing and makes genuine conversation with me, something we don’t really have in Florida.

Doing on-line school in Nebraska is not much different than doing it Florida, the one difference being the time change. If I must call a teacher or turn in an assignment, I must remember everything is an hour earlier up here.

Being quarantined in the Midwest has motivated me to do something to show others I care. I have written over thirty cards and included pictures to all my friends and family. I even wrote a letter to one of my old best friends that I hadn’t seen or talked to in over four years, and I reminded her of all our crazy memories, inside jokes, and fun times spent together.

It’s simple things like this that bring so much joy and fulfillment to my soul. It has been a nice reminder of my childhood values and beliefs that were engrained in my mind growing up in the Midwest. Being quarantined in Nebraska has brought me closer to my roots, and not the kind that produce corn on a hot July summer day in the Midwest.

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