Continued online learning means new daily routines

Emma Brooks– Mustangs Ahead

2019-01-15-10-15-50-1200x800 (400x267)(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Mustangs are learning to adjust to their new routines as school has moved to an eLearning platform. Students began their classes online March 30 and received assignments for the upcoming weeks. 

With this new format, many students are finding it difficult to adjust and establish new routines at this point in the school year.

“It is just so frustrating to have to deal with a change at this point in the year. I was so used to waking up early, going to school, and getting through the day. Now, my routine is completely different compared to how it was a few weeks ago,” said senior Josie Curtis.

Other Mustangs are enjoying creating their own schedules and the flexibility that is offered with being at home.

“Since being home, I feel like I am able to get so much more done. In the morning, I can get up whenever, have breakfast, workout, and then do my schoolwork,” said sophomore Lily Dunn. “I don’t have the same time constraints that I dealt with at school. Creating my own schedule allows me to work at my own pace.”

Senior Calvin Chapman has created a flexible routine for himself since being home.

“I try to wake up around 10:30. From there, I try to have breakfast and walk my dog. Closer to 11:00, I will do a few assignments for school. After I complete those, I tend to spend my day relaxing watching TV.”

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