Mustangs React – eLearning is the new normal

Gracie Coyne and Maddie Forman– Mustangs Ahead 

mustangs react logo(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- With the spread of Covid-19, all Florida schools have been forced to adopt the eLearning approach rather than traditional school. With this switch comes many positives and negatives, so this week we asked Mustangs, “What is the most significant thing you have noticed about online learning?” 

Junior Katie McFarline said, The most significant thing I noticed about online learning is that everything is completely on your own time. There is not the structure you would have in a classroom. Also, you must balance on your own what assignments to get done first, even if you have the same due date for different classes’ assignments.” 

Senior Ignacio Saborido Battaglia agreed with McFarline. 

“The most significant thing about online learning that I noticed is how independent you have to be to do all of your work. The lack of classroom structure makes it a challenge to get organized,” Battaglia said.  

Many students are still getting used to this new change.  

 “I was quite surprised that we’re still able to communicate with classmates,” said senior Kayla Leffert said, I feel students have more opportunities to have a conversation and time to collaborate with each other, but still do our work independently. This is great since teaching ourselves in some subjects might get difficult for some students.” 

Many Mustangs are trying different techniques to be sure they are focused on their schoolwork and not get distracted, though it is not always successful. 

Freshman Kaitlyn Harper stated, “I learned that it is good to follow a schedule and turn your phone off, so it isn’t as distracting.” 

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