LRHS softball team, #1 in USA, still optimistic for season

2020 softball team
The LRHS softball team still hopes to compete this year.

Jillian Herbst and Gaby Rosabal– Mustangs ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- During these times of uncertainty, the LRHS softball team has been trying to stay as positive as possible. Without knowing what the future will bring for the rest of their season, their plan is to salvage any part possible. 

The seniors of the team are the most affected, considering this is their last high school season. They all had their final goals and hopes for their season that they now might not get to achieve.

“I was looking forward to getting a senior night and being able to play one last time with my teammates as we worked towards our goal of winning states,” said senior Claire Davidson.

With the senior night planned to be sometime in May, softball coach TJ Goelz has plans to salvage any part of it possible.

The Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) last announced that no final decisions have been made, making the rest of the season completely undetermined. However, many think chances of teams being able to finish their seasons are low.

The uncertainty of knowing if their season is completely over or not is having a harsh effect on many players.

Senior Mckenzie Clark said, “With the season being undetermined, I feel lost in a way. I’m not quite sure what to do with my time besides practice on my own and workout.”

With having already missed so many games she could’ve played, senior Rachel Monroe leaves some advice for athletes.

“Play every game like it is your last, and never take a game for granted. You never know when it could be your last,” Monroe said.

Goelz added some final words for our LRHS softball team for now as they are unaware what the future holds.

“I’m very proud of the positive outlook our players have had despite losing so many games, practices, and so much time together. These are unprecedented times in history, and I think they understand how big this is outside of softball,” said Goelz. “Still, it really hurts for this group as they are the number one team in the country.”

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