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pep rally 2020 cheerleaders
LRHS cheerleaders show school spirit.

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – On March 12, the 2020-2021 LRHS cheerleading teams were announced at the Ranch. 

The tryouts required its participants to learn a cheer, a dance and the LRHS fight song. All participants were scored based on their performance of these.

Over 100 students from grades 8 to 11 tried out for the 2020 – 2021 LRHS Cheerleading team.

New head coach Sherri Haber said, “This year we had a great turn out with the number of tryouts and there was so much talent in everyone who tried out.”

Incoming freshman Mia Twyford said, “I was nervous at first because there were so many incoming freshmen who were trying out for the team. I was worried that I wouldn’t get a spot.”

The new captain for the LRHS varsity team was also announced at the tryouts. Junior Madison Kahler was picked to be the new captain for the Varsity cheerleading team.

“I was very excited to hear that I had received the position of captain, and I hope to bring many new things to the team this year,” said Kahler.

The 2020-2021 Varsity Cheerleading Team –

  • Madison Kahler – Captain
  • Skyla Alfonso
  • Evelyn Bachman
  • Jenna Barnhill
  • Quinn Brown
  • Emily Chance
  • Sophia Colombo
  • Hannah Coutsolioutsos
  • Savannah Else
  • Josie Epps
  • Taylor Folkers
  • Brooke Gore
  • Rian Hanson
  • Kylee Jacobs
  • Morgan Jendro
  • Sophie Joslyn
  • Kalyssa Kuhling
  • Ashley Langlois
  • Kelsey McLeod
  • Payton Moeller
  • Kayla Morris
  • Nicole Prichard
  • Emily Ridenour
  • Cami Sablan
  • Hailey Spikerman
  • Alyssa Ucciferri
  • Charlize Ucciferri
  • Briley Vestal
  • Emma Wilson

The 2020-2021 Junior Varsity Cheerleading Team –

  • Merdith Beck
  • Abby Brand
  • Faith Braun
  • Eva Buchard
  • Kennedy Burnette
  • Bridgett Coppers
  • Kendal Crowell
  • Carson Dye
  • Rylan Ferber
  • Ella Galvan
  • Eden Gibbs
  • Anna Gongas
  • Dakota Holler
  • Ava Horn
  • Rylie Jackson
  • Karina Lee
  • Lilly Lynch
  • Tiffany Mcoy
  • Brooke Morgan
  • Ronnie Payne
  • Audra Rappold
  • Sydney Rice
  • Emily Simmons
  • Allie Thompson
  • Tierney Thornhill
  • Milcia Twyford
  • Grace Tyson
  • Madi Vassalo
  • Shay Williamson
  • Chloe Weatherington
  • Brittlee Yants

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