Mustangs recognize inspirational women


Lucas Scott – Mustangs Ahead

Womens History Month 2020(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)– March is Women’s History Month and many Mustangs are recognizing their female role models.

Mustang senior Leah Lurie who said she is inspired by Amy Poehler, a Canadian actress and star famous for her work on “Saturday Night Live” and “Parks and Recreation.”

Lurie said that Poehler struck her as, “A very accomplished comedian and writer, which is a career path which bring respect if you are great at them.”

Sophomore Marty Shelledy saw actress and comedian Betty White as an inspiring role model from a young age.

“Betty’s success following hard work and dedication is an aspect that makes her not only a national treasure, but a personal role model,” said Shelledy.

Another Mustang took a more creative approach to their role model. Sophomore Jayla Daoust said she found a role model in Sandy Cheeks, a fictional squirrel and character in “SpongeBob Square Pants.”

Daoust said, “She’s confident, different, and lives underwater, which is inspiring because a squirrel isn’t supposed to be underwater.”

Freshman Julie Pereira also saw the importance in recognizing female role models.

Pereira stated that Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame was especially notable for the wonderful characters she brought to life in movies during Pereira’s childhood.

Pereira said, “Her role as Hermione brought to life one of my childhood heroines and I will remember her for that.”

Some Mustangs like sophomore Carla Gutierrez-Sotelo held a more personal role models, like her grandmother, due to her diligence and kindness.

Sotelo said, “It was impressive how hard she worked to raise eight kids all on her own. I hope that I can work as hard as that when people need me.”

Sophomore Skye Stephens held a similarly personal role model. Stephens stated her good friend Ana, an aspiring artist, inspired Stephen’s own art.

Stephens said, “Her artistic skill and work ethic are two amazing things I hope to be able to replicate myself.”

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