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Vadyslav Kostenyuk is adjusting to US high school life.

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)-  Vadyslav Kostenyuk moved from Ukraine to the United States and started attending LRHS this year. On top of going through normal sophomore classes, he is also learning to speak English.

Kostenyuk speaks Russian, German, and Dutch fluently.

“I learned theses languages at a young age, so it was easy for me but learning English now is hard. But I am up for the challenge and willing to learn,” said Kostenyuk.

After being at LRHS for half the year, Kostenyuk has noticed many differences between school back in Ukraine and here.

“School here in the States and the schools in Ukraine have a sky to ground difference,” said Kostenyuk.

Kostenyuk has enjoyed the LRHS block schedule as well as having lunch with his friends. Though he has struggled with the new curriculum that comes from moving to a different country, he has enjoyed his time at LRHS.

“I like all my classes and teachers, though I have a hard time understanding the history classes here because in Ukraine we had different history,” said Kostenyuk.

Kostenyuk is working hard to improve his English language skills through English For Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and get a better understanding of how school works here in America.

“ESOL has helped me improve in English and now I am more confident speaking to my peers,” said Kostenyuk.

Despite the hardships of speaking another language, Kostenyuk has grown from his experiences at LRHS. He has enjoyed his sophomore year and hopes to continue learning more.

“I felt welcomed at LRHS and have grown tremendously from being here,” said Kostenyuk.

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