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stellar-xplorers-logo-1.png-1(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) -The competition season for LRHS StellarXplorers has come to an end. Starting from their first practice round in October until the last competition round in February, it has been a long journey for the two LRHS StellarXplorers teams.

The StellarXplorers Competition consisted of three competitions.  Each focused around planning satellite orbits and choosing satellite and rocket parts.

The competition and club were started this year and founded by LRHS physics teacher Daniel Goodman.

All three teams have gotten their scores back and while they did well for a first-year club, they did not perform well enough to make it into the national semi-finals

Member of team Flood, junior David Dinh said, “I am proud of what the team accomplished. We are a first year team and I believe we did great, especially since the STK program is very complex to use and takes a lot of time to adjust to that we just didn’t have we didn’t have.“

Junior and team captain Hannah Ramsden said, “I am very proud of our teams as we were able to be competitive against teams who have had this program and have been competing for years. We expected to be eliminated from the very beginning, but we were close to being able to move on which is huge.”

Goodman said to those interested in StellarXplorers for next year, “This can be an exceptionally rewarding experience regardless of where one ends up placing in the competition.”

Goodman continued, “As with so with many other endeavors, the benefits realized are in direct relation to the effort and energy put in.”

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