Apps as individual as their users

Julia Hatton- Mustangs Ahead

free phone pix.jpeg(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- For many people, smartphone apps are very important for keeping updated and being entertained. Although there are some apps that people can’t explain…they simply have them just to have them.

Senior Jenna Hernandez has the app “Holiday Today” on her phone. She believes that this is the strangest app she has on her phone.

Hernandez said, “‘Holiday Today’ names the holiday of every single day of the year. I’ve had this app for years, and I don’t really know why I have it.”

People don’t realize it, but there are a lot of apps out there that are very weird, but interesting at the same time. For example, “Holiday Today” is a unique and somewhat random app where you can find out what holiday is on your birthday.

People also use games on their phone for entertainment, or for just when they are bored. Though it is not specifically weird or unusual for people to have games on their phone, there are many game trends that cycle, and older games can be unique.

Senior Rachel Monroe said, “I don’t really have weird apps on my phone, but I have a lot of games that were popular a long time ago, like subway surfers. You don’t see that very often anymore.”

As well as gaming apps, some apps can be useful for even the most random reminders.

Senior Ellie Wietecha runs Cross-Country here at LRHS. She says she uses the app called “Drink Water” to remind her to drink water every day.

Wietecha stated, “This app tells me how much water I should be drinking daily so I can reach the full amount every day. Since I am an athlete, water is very important.

Writer Corey Wainwright published an article on the top ten weirdest apps. One of which is called “Cuddlr”.

According to this website, “A location-based social networking app called ‘Cuddlr’ lets you find people in your area to cuddle with. Cute or creepy? You be the judge.”

Despite the fact that many weird or random apps exist, many people rely on them for everyday tasks, as well as to keep up with the people they are close with.

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