Space Force attracts student interest


William Flood-Mustangs Ahead

US space force logo.png(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – As the world and technology becomes more advanced so does our, and consequently our government’s, dependence on it.  

The military has also become reliant on satellites and high-altitude planes, rockets, surveillance technologies. President Donald Trump has decided the United States now requires a separate branch of the military for space operations.

On Dec. 20, 2019 the United States Space Force was established, with its headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, and it’s establishment has attracted the interest of at least a few Mustangs.

The United States Space Force’s purpose is like that of the former Space Command, which was to oversee military actions in space, but it is now a separate branch of the military that oversees space warfare.

Over 16,000 service members have been assigned to the space force already.

The founding of the Space Force branch of the military will open new career opportunities for people in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math career fields (S.T.E.M.) and Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (J.R.O.T.C.).

LRHS junior Mathew Sidlo, who is involved in Technology Students of America (TSA) said, “I think space is a very interesting subject and something like The Space Force could definitely be a cool career opportunity.”

Junior Hanna Ramsdem, who is in JROTC said, “The space force could be important, because there is a growing need as space flight expands to the public, and as trade between planet and in space begins; it needs to be regulated.”

Ramsden continued that she found it interesting but would not want to join until its exact purpose was determined.

Junior Jessica Carff said, “I’m not currently interested in it, but I do think it is an interesting program.”

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