LRHS launches STEAM Academy


John Osborne – Mustangs Ahead

STEAM Info Flyer 2020-1(LAKEWOOD RANCH, Fl) – The LRHS Mustang Science Technology Engineering Art Math (STEAM) Academy will start in the 2020-21 school year.  The program puts creative design, project-based learning, college and career readiness, and industry certifications at the core of curriculum.

Mustang STEAM students are required to take four years of technical design and advanced technical application courses and take two STEAM electives and one elective of their choice.

Freshmen must take Technical Design, sophomores Technical Design 2, juniors Technical Design 3, and seniors Advanced Technical Applications.

Mustangs who have completed STEAM Academy may receive the Bright Futures Gold Seal Vocational Scholarship.

“The STEAM Academy is a chance for design-based thinkers to get a chance to design and create many different solutions to problems in the real world,” said technology teacher and Mustang STEAM sponsor Ben Long.

Examples of STEAM career paths include sound designer, audio engineer, AV technician, electrical engineer, civil engineer, architect, product designer, urban planner, graphic designer, marketing director, orthopedic tech, biomedical engineer, research biologist, and scientific imaging.

Elective examples for STEAM that Mustangs can choose are Digital Audio Production, Digital Art Imaging, Engineering, Robotics, Computer Science, Marine Science, and Video Game Design.

If you have any questions visit Long in room 420 after school.

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