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reviews symbol(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Every year without fail, the Oscars come and go to both uproarious appraisal and unmitigated fury. In an artistic genre as subjective as film, it is increasingly difficult to quantify what makes one film better than another, and in which categories it excels.

Despite this difficulty, the Academy still makes its attempt once a year to award the films with the most monumental achievements of the year, capping it off with the Best Picture award. This year was no different. What did the Oscars get right in 2020?

What they got right:

  • The numerous wins for “Parasite.” This is a huge moment for film that will absolutely have great implications going forwards. A foreign-language film winning not only Best Picture (which has never happened before), but also Best Director among two other awards is an incredible feat, especially considering its message of class warfare in a trying time in American society.


Following 2015’s #OscarsSoWhite controversy, this was likely more of a mad scramble to prove diversity rather than a true acknowledgement of film excellence, but the award was won by Parasite nonetheless.


  • The opening performance by Janelle Monáe. A black, LGBTQ artist performing on such a big stage, kicking off Black History Month – how can that possibly go wrong?


After her performance she used her position to reference the lack of female director nominations, which of course became a resounding theme for former hosts like Steve Martin and Chris Rock to reference.


  • The absolute lack of love for ‘Cats’. Need I say more? This fever-dreamish flick has become the subject of an abundance of jokes and memes, but they really did have hopes for a cinematic legacy.


It had a For Your Consideration page on Universal’s website and everything. However, this didn’t exactly pan out the way they might have hoped. Its only nod at the event came when a shame-faced Rebel Wilson and James Corden took the stage in full cat regalia to offer a cautionary tale on the importance of good visual effects. Zing!


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