LRHS juniors experience Advance Placement courtroom drama

Peter Fisichella– Mustangs Ahead

mccarthy 1
Student judges evaluate arguments in McCarthy’s AP Language classes.

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Juniors and Seniors at LRHS are getting a chance to prove their skills in a court like experience. AP English Composition is having students participate in a simulated court case where six teams must advocate for a different candidate to receive a heart transplant.

AP English Composition and SWAT advisor Debra McCarthy said that it is very important for students to do projects that relate to real life skills.

“Being able to support an argument is a valuable tool for the future because it allows for one to be mindful of different perspectives. It also allows students to develop critical thinking and practice diplomatic discourse,” she said.

McCarthy hands the class over to five different judges each class period and lets them govern over what is allowed for the case.

mccarthy 3
Students are the attorneys and judges in McCarthy’s AP Language classes.

Lead judge for third period Junior Jaime Gutierrez said, “It is a fun opportunity for us students to grasp a hands-on experience in developing argumentation thinking and further improve skills that will helps us on the AP exams in May. It is simply better than just practicing with only essays.”

Other than being a judge, students could either be a lawyer or a paralegal to represent their client in the case. Their responsibility is to make their client come to life and have a story and argument like a real person would.

The first day of the trial started off with six clients, and two are eliminated each day. The lawyers and paralegals of the eliminated clients are dispersed into other teams that are still pleading their case.

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