AP Psychology students get first hand parent training

sock babies 2020
LRHS AP psychology students pose with their sock babies.

Emily Brandt – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – From Jan. 27 to Feb. 3, LRHS Advanced Placement (AP) psychology Heather Selen’s students made and carried sock babies around school. This activity was intended to teach the students about the infancy and childhood stage of life.

The students were instructed to make a certificate for their sock baby, a small carrier, and the sock babies themselves.

“I enjoyed making my sock baby. I got creative and even made a t-shirt, pants, and a hat for it,” exclaimed senior Gabriella Tomasselli.

After the students made these items, they were told to bring the babies to school in the carrier each day they had psychology class. The students were then told by Selens to keep a close eye on the baby and if they had to leave the classroom for any reason, they had to find a babysitter.

“The baby was hard to take care of since we had to watch it all the time and find babysitters, but overall it was a really good experience. I became more responsible and learned what it was like to be responsible for something/someone other than myself,” stated junior Ella Botko.

During that week, the students kept a daily log as well. In this log, the student’s documented their baby’s daily experiences and developments.

Senior Anna Shelby said, “It was little inconvenient to carry the baby around school, however from this experience, I learned what it was like to be a parent which really help me prepare for the future.”

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