Lunch may mean no lessons, but it’s not an end to learning.

Anabelle Lam – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Many Mustangs’ favorite part of their day is lunch, where they get a break from their teachers and can talk to their friends.

Lunch is the Mustangs’ break from lessons, homework, tests, essays and all other forms of learning…or is it?

Between friendships, manners, romance, status, and common decency, there may be as much learning going on in the LRHS lunchroom as there is in the classroom.

Every little thing that happens in the lunchroom, from the long lines to buy lunch to where you sit, helps prepare you for life.

When you walk into the lunchroom for the first time you see all the cliques.

You see the different types of friend groups around you and must make a spilt second decision about where you will sit that will stick with you for the rest of the year.

Do you want to be stuck with the people you’re already friends with or try to make new friends? Choose wisely, this decision could follow you for the rest of the year!

The “lunch experience” can help define your quick decision making and how to judge peoples’ character in a timely way.

The long lunch lines can also teach you two things, to be patient and to be self-reliant.

You either learn to suck it up and sacrifice a few minutes by waiting in the lines to buy lunch or you start to bring your own lunch to school.

Sophomore Nicole Hyer said, “I used to buy lunch every day, but I hated waiting in line for it; so, I started bringing my lunch some days.”

Another “hidden lesson” of lunch is common decency.

When standing in the lunch line you learn not to skip people in line, no matter how starving you are.  You also learn to clean up after yourself and you learn to thank all the workers around you.

Lunch may not be a 5.0 weighted class but it’s still a place where students go every day to learn important lessons.

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