Mustangs can overcome “Third Quarter Slump”


ErinElizabeth Purcell – Mustangs Ahead

Academics(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The third quarter slump is the term used to describe the point in the school year when student anxiety levels can rise, and motivation begins to sag.

It’s very easy to fall victim to the third quarter slump because it’s the busiest time of the school year. Standardized tests are coming up, teachers are starting to wrap up for finals, and the homework load is heavier. However, there are ways to fight the third quarter slump and stay diligent.

LRHS gifted student coordinator Amy Poole said, “Students anxiety levels tend to be higher during the third quarter and I feel the best way to combat that is to use a planner. Being able to visually note the completion of a task can be very helpful to a student.”

LRHS world literature teacher Michal Wood said, “Procrastination levels tend to rise during the third quarter, so the best thing for a student to do is to not forget what they are working towards. Whenever you don’t want to read a chapter of your textbook or finish that math problem think of the future and remember your working towards that.”

Students recognize the condition as well.

“My biggest problem in the third quarter is simply forgetting about my homework, so to help myself I set alarms on my phone as reminders to do my work,” said sophomore Lani Fisher.

For Mustangs who feel they’re struggling peer tutoring is offered weekly. Peer tutoring is a program in which students can assist their peers in studying for upcoming tests and exams.

Peer tutoring sponsor and keyboard teacher Rebekah Lester said, “Peer tutoring is an opportunity for students to engage in academic and social opportunities, in an attempt to help each other thrive”

Peer tutoring is held on Thursday mornings from 6:50 to 7:30 a.m. in the media center.

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