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Seniors(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- On Thursday, Jan. 30, Florida State University (FSU) will release their decision letters for prospective incoming freshmen. Students had the choice to apply for fall or summer term.

Senior Isabella Liberti applied for summer, “I applied for summer so I can get a head start. They require you to do at least one summer term at FSU.”

FSU has a very competitive and selective process.

Senior Jenna Hernandez hopes to get accepted into the school, “I am eager for my decision. I have family that goes to the school and they have an amazing journalism program, so I hope I get accepted.”

The school carefully reviews each students’ academic record and test scores to ensure that FSU will be a fit for them and that they are prepared for the rigorous curriculum at the school.

Senior Zian Mahfuz said, “I want to go to FSU because I plan on majoring in political science and the school is in Tallahassee, which is the capital of Florida.”

Many seniors here at the Ranch are extremely anxious as many of them applied to FSU as their top choice.

Senior Chloe Nelson said, “I’m really hoping I get in because it’s my first choice and it’s a great school.”

For more information on the admissions process visit the FSU website.

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