SWAT takes aim at vaping

Peter Fisichella – Mustangs Ahead

NEWS(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – LRHS Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) is looking to further spread the message about the dangers of vaping and tobacco products to the Mustangs.

Last fall, SWAT and Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) teamed up to hang posters around the school to make students aware of the dangers of putting vaping products into your body.

Looking into 2020 SWAT is looking to get more people involved in the club to keep spreading the message.

Junior and Secretary Bella Dombrowski said, “I think that getting involved with SWAT and spreading the message about the dangers of vaping use is important because the effects of vaping are long term and can ruin your life in the long run. Not only does it affect how you feel inside, but also how you look on the outside.”

Junior Jaime Gutierrez adds that the club may help the overall health of the campus.

“Tobacco is dangerous, and SWAT is a great way to advocate against underage usage. The club helps be a voice in stopping teens from making the choice of using tobacco products,” he said.

Gutierrez also said that more participation will help limit vape usage around school.

“It is important to spread the word about the dangers of tobacco because without the voice of SWAT people may be more willing to try the product. They won’t hesitate to put down the product if they learn about the facts of tobacco and vaping,” he added.

SWAT is looking to host a campus-wide event to spread awareness about vaping later in the year.

Meetings are the first Friday of every month. If students have any questions, they can ask adviser and LRHS English teacher Debra. McCarthy in portable 916.

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