Mustangs face “Great Kindness Challenge”

Great Kindness Challenge Flyer

Emma Braunstein-Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Kindness matters at LRHS.  “The Great Kindness Challenge” is a challenge is to Mustangs to complete as many kind acts as they can in one week. 

It is hosted by discipline dean Antonio Bellantonio, who believes that promoting positivity between students and facility will help impact our school in the long run.

“Students become more aware of spreading kindness when they are competing to give out more than anyone else and hopefully this will develop into a habit,” he said.

Bellantonio didn’t personally come up with the idea; it was started by the Sandy Hook Promise Organization. Bellantonio is LRHS’s Sandy Hook Promise Ambassador.

Bellantonio hopes that by participating in the challenge it will impact the school in the long run, passing it to from year to year and even to future Mustangs.

“I hope that the Ranch will not only be known for its academics and athletic programs (as we already are), but also known to be accepting,” he said.

Junior Blake Wood said, “I am really looking forward to participating in this challenge and hope that I can dominate every aspect of this challenge by completing the most kind acts.”

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