Mustangs “All In This Together” at pep rally

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Jaime Gutierrez – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Mustangs flooded into the school gym Friday afternoon for a pep rally.

Competition between Team Cuervo/Stoltz, led by teachers Joseph Cuervo and Sammy Stoltz and Team Bellantonio/Riggins, led by discipline dean Tom Bellantonio and teacher Delaney Riggins, headlined the assembly. Staff members worked together with a team of students in a relay race including events featured in LRHS winter sports.

Competitions included shooting basket and soccer balls, leg wrestling and even a robotics competition featuring LRHS Technology Students Association.

Team Cuervo/Stoltz defeated Team Bellantonio/Riggins in a close finish, with a lay-up to spare.

The unique entertainment fueled a lot of excitement from bleachers full of students and staff.

Junior Tanairi Santiago said, “It was unexpected, and really interesting to watch the game.”

After the game the LRHS band, Silver Stars dancers, cheerleaders, and winter sports participants gathered center court to perform dance routine “We’re All In This Together” from the film “High School Musical.”

Junior Alondra Castineda said, “The performance was very different from other pep rallies here at LRHS, but it was exciting for sure.”

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