Mustangs ready to recognize Martin Luther King

William Flood – Mustangs Ahead

martin luther king
January 20 is Martin Luther King Day.

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Dr. .Martin Luther King Day is coming up on Jan. 20 and is a time to reflect on his impact on our society and schools.

King, of course, was a prominent civil rights leader who started his career as a preacher.

He settled down in Montgomery, Alabama soon after becoming a Pastor.

His town became the epicenter of the battle over civil rights during the Montgomery Bus Boycott after Rosa Parks refused to give up her spot on the bus for a white passenger and was then arrested.

This tension in the town were already high due to the 1954 Brown V. Board decision which desegregated schools.

King was chosen to lead the protests and was inspired by other activists such as Bayard Rustin and Ghandi, both of whom entered the international sphere of civil rights activism.

He later wrote many famous speeches such as his “I Have a Dream” and fought for civil rights unifying all races to fight for justice before being assassinated on April 4, 1968.

King’s legacy still can be felt today and even on campus.

LRHS discipline dean Debra Shannon said, “MLK helped with desegregation and help fuel understanding that separate but equal did not work and helped show people that African Americans deserved an equal quality of education.”

Shannon also expressed the importance of the holiday and said, “It is time to reflect on our country’s struggles with racial equality and show how today is still similar to the sixties because we still deal with these issues.”

Senior Christopher Holmes appreciates that schools recognize MLK day.

“Celebrating this day allows everyone to recognize an important civil rights leader. I know my life wouldn’t be the same without his contributions to the civil rights movement.”

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