Challenges, opportunities face new Mustang adults


ErinElizabeth Purcell – Mustangs Ahead

features icon(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – When Mustangs turn 18, they, like all Americans, are met with adulthood responsibilities that throw some for a loop.

Along with personal interests such as romance, schooling, or joining the military, these new adults are met with many responsibilities. Some include having a job, paying taxes, and for those moving out, finding an affordable place to live.

Senior Tyler Montalvo, who turned 18 last month, said, “I knew what was coming when I became an adult, I just didn’t know the volume and how fast it would be. I’ve been met with surprises that I thought I was prepared for and have since discovered I am sorely not.

“Being an adult comes with responsibilities. I’ve had to learn to find ways to get where I need to be on time and to make more sound financial choices. Even little things like my phone bill are now things that I must think about that I never did before,” added Montalvo.

Now this is not to say that entering the adult world is nothing but responsibility and stress, being an adult also has its positive side. Senior Kathrine Harrison recently used her new “adulthood” to register to vote.

“Being an adult has its downsides but there are also parts that are really great, like being able to have a say in what’s going on in our country or even little things like being able to buy a lottery ticket,” said Harrison.

LRHS mom Josie Grau said, “Advice I would give to someone who recently turned 18 would be to not date someone just so you’re not alone. Work towards your goals and achieve them, don’t be so quick to put them on hold.”

LRHS Guidance Counselor Melody West said, “I want all new adults to know that you should never be afraid of trying again, the world is full of rejection, but just because you get rejected once doesn’t mean you will be rejected the second time. Adulthood is about taking those things that knock you down and learning to get up again.”

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