First Florida winter an adjustment for some Mustangs

Lucas Scott – Mustangs Ahead

free palm tree pix(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – For many Mustangs, the holiday season in sub-tropical Florida is different than what they are used to.

Junior Alanys Suazo-Gracia is one of these Mustang and said, “Much farther north in Michigan we had some actually visible changes; we had the changes in weather such as snowing, and the leaves would change from green to red and yellow.”

Sophomore Jamie Holt, who is originally from Georgia said, “I can remember that we used to get school days off when it began to snow and here in Florida, we don’t even have snow.”

Holt also said, “With those days I could do a lot of festive activities, like building snowmen and forts or having all day snowball fights with friends.”

Holt explained how his experiences in Georgia differed drastically from those in Florida, “Florida is often much hotter, and you can’t do many winter activities because there is no snow.”

English teacher Jennifer Grant is also from Georgia but enjoys the Florida winters.

“Florida winter is adorable, mostly due to it only lasting about three days and still disrupting the world of Florida,” said Grant. “Georgia’s cold winters all end up lasting months, but they are much less problematic in the end.”

Holt summed up the general opinion on Florida’s winters and said, “I think anyone not from here would agree that Florida’s winters are exotic.”

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