Teacher pre-class experiences valuable in school


William Flood-Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Many teachers had careers before coming to LRHS. These experiences shaped their views, influenced their teaching style, and has inspired them to become teachers.

Physics teacher Daniel Goodman had four different careers before becoming a teacher,

physics teacher 2019
LRHS physics teacher Daniel Goodman worked for NASA.

his first was with NASA working on the Mercury, Gemini, and Saturn V Apollo programs. Then he went into the oil and gas exploration industry, weapons development industry, and finally entered the consulting industry before becoming a teacher.

He left his last career in the consulting industry after becoming frustrated with the clientele who continued to ignore his advice and make any real changes to their business.

When asked how his careers affected his teaching Goodman said, “My teaching methods are totally a result of the life I’ve lived. Until I started teaching, everything I was involved with included doing things that had never been done before.”

Goodman continued, “This effected my teaching methods in that I focus for more on developing skills of students asking the right questions and having the right answers. This skill is what is typically meant by ‘analytical thinking.’”

Anatomy teacher Faust Delazzer was a mechanic, chef, bartender, and a roofer before

f delazzer at xmas
LRHS teacher Faust Delazzer came to science after a series of jobs.

becoming a teacher at LRHS.

These careers also affected the way Dellazer teaches.

Dellazer said, “Being a chef and bartender allowed me to learn how to deal with all kinds of people some nice some not so nice. However, being a roofer in the summer helped me realize that I didn’t want to do hard labor I would rather use my brain.”

Delazzer became interested in biology and anatomy after he saw a correlation between how an automobile works and how plants and animals are made of parts that must function together.

Delazzer said, “I had a couple of great teachers that I admired, while my brother had a teacher who called him dumb and stupid. I knew he wasn’t dumb, and it affected him to where he thought he was unable to learn.  My brother had double vision and eventually had an operation to correct it, but it took him a long while to overcome that stigma. I never wanted another child to be called dumb again.”

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