Holidays mean travel for some Mustangs


Lindsey Limbach – Mustangs Ahead

features icon(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Winter break is just around the corner and Mustangs from around the Ranch will be celebrating the holidays with friends and family at home or somewhere else.

Junior Peter Fisichella said, “When it comes to the holidays, I just do whatever my mom tells me to do and go wherever my mom wants me to go. I’m not travelling anywhere. This year I’m having an old friend from Vegas come visit, so that will be nice.”

Junior Marissa Briggs said, “This is my family’s second time going to the Keys for the holidays. We decided not to stay in a hotel and instead chose to stay in a beach house instead. I’m excited to go back to the Keys for the holidays because I haven’t been in two years and I’m glad I will be given the opportunity to relive memories.”

Junior Nolan Carpenter said, “This Winter break I’ll be going to Chicago and Alberta, Canada. This will be the first Winter that I get to see snow. In Chicago my family and I are going to walk the magnificent mile, go to the field museum and see a show.

“We will spend a few days in Calgary Christmas shopping and see a show there. After that we will be traveling through the province where we plan on skiing and snowboarding,” said Carpenter.

Winter break is a good excuse for students and their families to use a vacation as a holiday escape.

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