Student leaders face higher expectations


Mackenzie Hopkins – Mustangs Ahead

features icon(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Most LRHS students don’t go around looking for trouble, but sometimes mistakes happen and there are consequences.  For some Mustangs, however, those consequences are significant…even for minor incidents.

Student leaders and others who are expected to represent the school must maintain a higher standard of excellent behavior than other students.

National Honor Society (NHS) Advisor Mary Ellen Eskett said, “Students who join or are inducted into clubs should uphold the bylaws, and work for the betterment of the club and the school.”

Eskett later explained that officers and leaders of clubs are usually held to a higher standard due to additional roles and expectations required for their position.

Eskett also explained requirements outlined in the club’s bylaws—including service hours—which must be met. If requirements are not met, members will face consequences including probation, and or removal from the club.

Student Government Association (SGA) vice president senior Ally Ellis said, “When choosing SGA members, we avoid selecting students with behavior infractions or attendance issues. SGA is an organization that many students look to and it’s important that our members are perceived as positive role models.”

Junior Advisory Board (JAB) president Nolan Carpenter said, “Representing the junior class is an honor, but also an extreme responsibility. All members of Junior Advisory Board are expected to represent the class with excellent behavior both in and out of the classroom.”

Carpenter later explained, “All students who participate in extracurriculars should be held to higher standards as representatives of the school, especially those with leadership roles. As president of JAB, I’m constantly thinking about every decision I make and how it could impact my reputation or leadership position.”

When students choose to participate in any extracurricular, it is important they make appropriate decisions as representatives of LRHS. Otherwise, bad behavior or failure to fulfill requirements and duties can cause students to lose their positions in various extracurriculars.

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