Cross-country over and track hasn’t started…so why are they running?

Jaime Gutierrez – Mustangs Ahead

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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Running is an aerobic activity that has been proven to improve heart health and even reduce stress.

Runners are a breed of athletes that focus solely on improving their speed and even endurance.

LRHS cross country and track distance runner senior Calvin Drake runs daily. Unfortunately for Calvin he has been on and off with running due to injuries and complications. However, he still maintains that running is essential and plays a large role in his mental and physical health.

“Running is a form of meditation, I’m able to free my mind from a lot of stress, it’s like if I’m going to run for 40 minutes it’s not only for training but it helps me feel more positive” said Drake.

Running is the main aspect in conditioning for a lot of sports, but cross country and track are dedicated to the aerobic activity.

For Freshmen Cooper Ross, Connor McManus, and Clay Brown running is a sport that they feel welcomed in when joining cross country. In other sports where try-outs are required, in cross country anyone can earn a spot by running fast and improving.

“Running is exercise, it helps keep me very healthy and it is fairly simple for me”, said Ross.

Connor added, “Running is what got me into a school sport, it is great to be able to participate and show school spirit in cross country.”

Running is not only for cross country and track runner’s but it is an activity that many can participate in.

It does not require anything besides the right shoe, and a good trail to run on.

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