Sick students face tough choice


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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Being a sick student is a difficult struggle that many Mustangs are facing this time of the year. Trying to decide if it’s worth struggling through the day and not getting behind or staying home to try and get some rest is a hard decisions.

Once fall and winter come around there are always large students who get ill.

Students will often not miss school because they are scared to fall behind, and while that may seem like a good way to keep up with their schoolwork, they are causing germs to spread. These germs then get others sick who still go to school creating a cycle of illness.

Junior John Osborne said, “I have been sick this entire week and have not skipped a day of school because I know that if I skipped even one day it will feel like I skipped an entire week of school.”

Junior Mackenzie Hopkins said, “When I get sick, I normally take a day or two to recover but I am pretty good on emailing my teachers and trying to make up my work, so I do not get too far behind. If I also decide to skip it depends on the teachers, I have on the day I would sick.”

For student athletes it can be even harder because if you skip school, you cannot show up to practice that day which can mess up the team and your teammates practice. Even if they have a game and are feeling well enough to play, they will not be allowed attend if they missed school.

Student athlete junior Gavin Laielli said, “For track, I have to stay on my game 24/7. Not only does getting sick set me back from my mileage per week but can set me back physically as I try to push myself to my limit.”

The fatigue coming from being sick can affect your performance and your schoolwork.

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