LRHS teacher will be “pied” for a good cause

fundraising jars
Mustangs for Kids is lets students choose which teacher will be “pied.”

ErinElizabeth Purcell – Mustangs Ahead

(Lakewood Ranch, FL) – Over the next few weeks LRHS Mustangs for Kids will be hosting a “Coins for Kids” fundraiser during all lunches.

Mustangs for Kids is a club that raises money for Shriners Childrens Hospital. Shriners provides all their services, surgeries and physical therapy completely free for disabled youth.

During all lunches three large jugs have been placed in the lunchroom, each of which features the name of a different teacher – science teachers Faust Delazzer or Drexel Houston, or math teacher Meghan Sugalski.

Donations are placed in the jars and whichever teacher has the most donations in his or her jar gets pied in the face.

“Coins for Kids is important because it’s really vital that we get some school support both for the hospital and our club itself. Our club is not very well known and the more notoriety, attention and members we have then the more we can do for the kids,” said club president junior Ethan Spasciani.

For more information contact LRHS reading teacher Teresa McAllister in room 923.

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