Breakfast wagon brings Mustangs nutrition, convenience

LRHS breakfast wagon
The LRHS cafeteria staff bring free breakfast to Mustangs.

Mariska VanLinder-Mustangs Ahead

 (LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- For some Mustangs, finding time to get breakfast in the morning can be a struggle.   Thanks to the help of the LRHS cafeteria staff, this is no longer the case.

The breakfast wagon, a portable breakfast station located in the courtyard, is a new addition to LRHS. By being located in a common area of the school, Mustangs are able to quickly and easily grab breakfast items in the morning.

“We started the breakfast wagon to feed more children, especially the ones that don’t come to the cafeteria,” said LRHS cafeteria manager Amanda Farrelly.

Breakfast is free for every student. Students can get options from donuts to fresh fruit at the wagon.

“We have been getting many positive responses and numbers are going up every day,” said Farrelly.

The Breakfast Wagon will be in the courtyard everyday unless it is raining.

“The Breakfast Wagon has made getting breakfast very fast and easy for me in the morning,” said sophomore Delaney Kraus. “I am really grateful that the school started something like this that allows students to be able to have a more convenient access breakfast.”

Sophomore Caitlyn Selens agreed.

“I think it’s great,” she said.  “I probably wouldn’t have picked up breakfast if it wasn’t right here.”

Julia English and Emma Wilson assisted with this story.

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