Cars among Mustangs’ greatest costs

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The LRHS parking lot represents of lots of student investment.

Gage Gongas – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Cars come in a variety of prices and many Mustangs’ biggest costs are their cars.

This is mainly due to the maintenance of the car that can be relatively cheap or through-the-roof expensive.

A working car can cost anywhere from $2,000 up into the millions. Most high school students get a car between $10-15,000.

On average it is around $650 to change all four tires. However, depending on how many miles a driver puts on the vehicle, it can vary. Regardless, drivers should never go longer than six years without changing the tires.

Gas prices on average in Bradenton are around $2.34 and a normal gas tank will cost between $20-$30 for a full tank.

10,000 mile check-ups are normally around $100 dollars but depending on what needs to be done it can cost a lot more.

“I went to the Honda dealership and spent $125 on just an oil change,” said LRHS junior Corrinne Kasten.

Insurance is another big cost when buying a car. However, there are many ways, like taking safety classes. to bring insurance rate down.

“My insurance is around $350 a month to drive my Hummer H2,” said sophomore Cameron Madison.

Your insurance is also greatly affected by the type of car. The faster the car the more insurance will cost.  Meanwhile, the safer the car is the less the cost is for your monthly insurance.

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