Video game complexity the key to popularity


This story is about a growing phenomenon that is taking over the world. Millions of people are coming together to participate in this popular sport. Esports are bringing people together in a way no one saw coming.

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Why are people so interested in esports?

With the combination of strategy, thick plots, and graphics, it’s not hard to see how esports draws in people around the world.

According to the founder of Fnatic, Sam Mathews,   “The general consensus is that if physical exertion and sheer power are dispelled, reflexes and mental agility come to the fore.”

Esport players practice  until they perfect everything in their games.

All this work is paying off for kids around the globe. In August of 2019 in Shanghai’s Mercedes-Benz Arena, esport fanatics competed for 18 spots to win $33-million. Events like this happen all over the world, where people compete in huge competitions for large sums of money.

One of the most influential video game players and streamers is Richard Blevins, known to his fans as “Ninja”. Blevins had a net worth of a whopping $10-million as of 2018, and he continues to make videos and compete in esport competitions today.

Many other gamers also bring in money with their video game YouTube channels. Professional gamers start making their money on YouTube and then get invited to join in major competitions. Some gamers are even signing endorsement deals once reserved for the likes of Lebron James and Tom Brady.

Esports may be on their way to being the number one sport in the world. Not only are they fun to play and watch, but they also connect people all over the globe. Some traditional sports are played only in certain countries, but video games are played in everywhere.

Video games can help people get over language barriers and help people meet and connect with new people.

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